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Seeker. The renowned title for those brave men and women of all races who risk their lives for adventure and treasure. Raised in the Vanden Seekers Guild, one would think that Clover Rumare would aspire to become one just like… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 19

-Blood and Bile- Clover’s party sprinted through the dense forest as they tried to catch up with the hound. Birds and small creatures scattered in every direction as they stomped and disturbed the undergrowth. Although the hound was fast its… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 18

-A Demon’s Hoard- “Did you find anything good, Clover?” Karim asked as Clover materialized into the realm. “Uhh…Not really? I mean…I may have…” Clover said as he looked around curiously. He wasn’t the last person to teleport to this new… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 17

-Braye Des Pri’mordi- “This is…Disappointing…” Clover mumbled as he peered into the small box. “It’s just some rusty amulet…” He lifted the simple amulet with two fingers and inspected it closely. It was made of gold and heavily tarnished. It… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 16

-Big Gray- “Ah!” An Adlan boy screamed as he was launched gracelessly from the portal before slamming into the ground beside the table that Edward and Bastille were relaxing at. “Are you okay, Joseph?” Bastille asked as he drank from… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 15

-Black Palace- “Argh…I’m bored…” Bastille moaned while chugging an entire mug of beer, which was promptly refilled by a maid. “It has only been a few minutes since they entered…” Edward sighed as he eloquently sipped his tea. “What do… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 14

-Spirit Realm- “What took you so long!” Karim yelled as Clover ran towards him. “I’m sorry!” Clover exclaimed in between breaths. “I had to tell Har-…I mean, my friend that I was going to be gone for a couple of… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 13

-Karim- “Michael! Zen!” Clover greeted the duo who were relaxing and drinking at a nearby table. The sun had long set by the time he arrived at the Guild and the familiar sight of a crowded Guildhall filled his vision… Continue Reading →

[Spirit Realm] Chapter 12

-Olemane’s Elixer- The bright morning rays assailed Clover’s eyes, forcing him to roll over to his side and grumble at the discomfort. After a few seconds of tossing and turning, Clover’s eyes shot open in excitement as he remembered what… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 11

-Arcana Discipline- “Well…Now that you have experienced Arcana Discipline for yourself, it’s time that you try it out,” Bastille awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he gazed at his son who was sitting on a nearby crate.   “Yeah…”… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 10

-The Basics- “Sorry, Haru…Because of my foolish actions, I won’t be able to visit you for a while…” Clover mumbled as he looked at his feet in embarrassment. “Oh, that’s fine…” Haru mumbled as she turned to face the window,… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 9

-Seeker- “Clover, why would you ever think it would be a good idea to go on a mission without any proper supervision?” Bastille asked. His face was calm as if he wasn’t worried about his son’s near-death experience. “It better… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 8

-Haru- The gentle singing of robins stirred Clover from his deep slumber. Their tranquil melodies crawled through an open window as the plain curtains swayed from the cool morning breeze.   Am I alive?   Clover asked himself as he slowly blinked… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 7

-Approaching Threat- “Revered Guildmaster!” Shouted the multitude of guards that were guarding the bridge that led to the royal palace. The guards that were stationed here were the elites of the elite. They swore to defend the palace with their… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 6

-And So Their Story Begins- The long unkempt grass rustled as Maya ran through the long dry fronds. Having abandoned the main path, Maya had kept running for a couple of minutes, hoping to distance themselves from the mutants that… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 5

-Where It All Began- Although the seasons were in the process of changing from summer to autumn, the wilds of Vanden still held its lush and abundant landscape that it was known for. Bright yellow primroses were in full bloom,… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 4

-The Trio-   “Well, he’s something else!” Clover exclaimed as the two of them left the store. After being pushed out, the pair walked back along the street towards the Guild, often stopping to look at the merchandise displayed by… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 3

-Ian Ios- “Don is an asshole…What he said doesn’t matter!” Clover began. “He just said all that to scare me into becoming a Seeker!” Unfortunately, everyone in the Guild knew the real reason why Don spat those words. “Haha…” Sven… Continue Reading →

[Seeker] Chapter 2

-Two Years Ago-   “Clover, wake up!” A loud yell accompanied by the thumping of the bedroom door jolted the slumbering boy from his rest. “Gah…It’s too early…Just five more minutes, mom…” “Get up! You have people waiting for you!”… Continue Reading →

[Seeker]Chapter 1

-Departure- “Quick now, Don…We don’t have much time left…Vernon will soon be free… “ Bastille muttered in between pained gasps. Bruises and lacerations scoured his body with the most distressing wound being the large puncture in his chest. These grievous… Continue Reading →

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